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Q-Switch Laser Treatment
for Reduction of 
Pigmentation | Scar | Skin Lightening | Other Skin Problem






One of the most recent and effective procedures to improve uneven skin tone and unwanted pigmentation is Q-Switch Laser.


Q-Switch Laser is a high-quality treatment for treating sun and age spots, freckles, acne scars, and melasma. Additionally, it gives hair, particularly facial hair, a bleached response. 


This specialized procedure utilizes a laser to disintegrate pigments in the skin to eliminate them from the body. People who undergo a Q-Switch Laser treatment can experience a more even skin tone, as it improves acne scars and pigments. 


Q-Switch Laser treatment is widely used to restore uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation as it's safe and effective for Indian skin. It develops an invisible ray of light that goes directly into the dark spot or melanin without any adverse side effects. 


The laser energy penetrates the pigment providing you with a smoother skin tone. One of the primary benefits of this treatment is that the beam of light can enter profound into the skin where other medicines or products can't reach. 


Most patients require between 6 to 8 sessions to see visible positive results. The treatment needs no downtime, and you can return to your daily activities immediately after. 


It's wise to combine the Q-Switch Laser treatment with effective skincare products to boost the results and achieve a flawless complexion in no time. 

What to Remember During and After the Treatment

It's essential to remember the following things to ensure a pleasant experience during the Q-Switch Treatment. 

During the Treatment

During the procedure, it's imperative to follow the aesthetician's recommendations. You must use protective eyewear during the length of the service. 

After the Treatment

Once the Q-Switch Treatment is done, it's critical to avoid sun exposure for at least seven days. Make sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily with a minimum SPF of 30. 


Typically the treated areas have crusts for up to 14 days or more. It's wise to apply petroleum jelly and keep the area covered to prevent infections and guarantee safe healing. 

Avoid touching or removing the crust as this can cause scars. 

Adverse Side Effects

Even though Q-Switch Laser is usually a safe procedure, some people might experience the following side effects:


  • Burning sensation and tickling on the affected area that can last a few minutes or even hours after the procedure 

  • Redness and inflammation during or after the treatment.

  • Fine hair might experience a bleached effect.


In severe and unique cases, people can experience:


  • Mottled hypo or hyperpigmentation

  • Leukoderma

  • Severe redness

  • Hives

If these side effects persist or worsen, be sure to immediately get in touch with your aesthetician. 


Please note that Q-Switch Laser treatment is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, those with a record of cold sores or herpes simplex virus, or if you're taking certain prescription drugs.